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Aberlour A’bunadh Batch 53 (59.7%, OB 2015)

Sometimes looking at past orders can make for depressing reading. I bought this bottle of Aberlour A'bunadh in November 2015, and paid £28.55 for it in a flash deal. Nowadays it retails for almost £100, and we're lucky if we can find it at around £60 on offer. The whisky itself doesn't need much of … Continue reading Aberlour A’bunadh Batch 53 (59.7%, OB 2015)

Benriach 17 Septendecim (46%, OB 2018)

This was bought in 2018 but probably bottled earlier - I believe it was discontinued a while before that. Benriach of course recently revamped their core range: gone are the fanciful (sometimes misspelled) Latin descriptions (Heredotus Fumosus anyone?) and the capital R in the BenRiach - it's all about clarity and simplicity now. I always … Continue reading Benriach 17 Septendecim (46%, OB 2018)

Glenrothes Whisky Maker’s Cut (48.8%, OB 2020)

When Glenrothes changed hands from Berry Brothers & Rudd to Edrington in 2018, the range underwent a revamp: vintages were replaced by more conventional age statements (Balblair followed suit in early 2019), and the core range focused heavily on sherry cask maturation. The prices of the younger bottles are quite reasonable. However, I did have … Continue reading Glenrothes Whisky Maker’s Cut (48.8%, OB 2020)

Aultmore 12 (46%, OB 2019)

Aultmore seems to be the most discreet out of Dewar's portfolio of malts. Craigellachie has a more divisive love-it-or-hate-it profile, Aberfeldy is the designated home of the Dewar's blend, and Royal Brackla is the most premiumised of their brands, which leaves Aultmore without any distinguishing characteristics marketing-wise. Like Craigellachie, Aultmore is bottled at 46% with … Continue reading Aultmore 12 (46%, OB 2019)

A Fine Christmas Malt (54.2%, The Whisky Exchange 2019)

The Whisky Exchange's Christmas malt is now a tradition, and last year saw the release of a 10 year-old Speyside whisky. The label doesn't say, but it comes from Linkwood. Its reception wasn't quite as enthusiastic as it could've been - the fact that its predecessor in 2018 was a 17 year-old Glenfarclas may have … Continue reading A Fine Christmas Malt (54.2%, The Whisky Exchange 2019)

Craigellachie 13 (46%, OB 2019)

Craigellachie aren't quiet about the fact that they like to do things differently. For example, while most distilleries remove the sulphur that occurs as part of the distillation, the Craigellachie style actively embraces it: the use of worm tubs for instance helps preserve sulphur notes and create the big, meaty character that the brand is … Continue reading Craigellachie 13 (46%, OB 2019)

Benromach 10 (43%, OB 2015)

The distillery is refreshingly honest about the maturation of their 10 year-old: it spends its first nine years in 80% bourbon and 20% sherry casks, before being married for a year in sherry casks. Ever since I first tried it in 2011, the Benromach 10 has remained one of my go-to whiskies both in terms … Continue reading Benromach 10 (43%, OB 2015)

Glenfiddich 15 Solera (40%, OB 2014)

This is from a litre bottle bought in 2014, but opened just recently. Glenfiddich have since changed the bottle and label design, but the liquid has stayed the same. I suppose this is especially true of this 15 year-old because of its relatively unique (for Scotch whisky) use of the Solera vat, where whisky from … Continue reading Glenfiddich 15 Solera (40%, OB 2014)

Glenfiddich 12 (40%, OB 2017)

It's fashionable in some whisky circles to dismiss Glenfiddich 12 as a 'beginner's whisky'. It's understandable for two reasons: first, it's an exponent of the soft, fruity Speyside style that a lot of people recommend to whisky newbies (personally I think the idea of a soft, fruity style for beginners and a heavy, smoky or … Continue reading Glenfiddich 12 (40%, OB 2017)

In Brief: Glenburgie 18 1995 (43%, Signatory, Casks 6447 & 6448)

Unfortunately there's an overpowering rancid mushroom note along with some mustiness that can only indicate a faulty seal. Pity, because some fruit in the background indicate what could have been. Sadly this isn't the Glenburgie I know - the sample was spoiled. By no means should this be taken as a fair representation of the … Continue reading In Brief: Glenburgie 18 1995 (43%, Signatory, Casks 6447 & 6448)