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Speyside Road Trip Bits and Pieces (Glenfiddich, Glenfarclas, Tormore, Dalwhinnie)

The bulk of the whisky-related activities of our final day in Speyside was all done by lunchtime (Glen Grant, Benriach and Glen Moray). Since most distilleries close to visitors between 4 and 5, we felt compelled to try and squeeze in as many as possible, so we drove from Elgin to Dufftown, where Glenfiddich, Balvenie, … Continue reading Speyside Road Trip Bits and Pieces (Glenfiddich, Glenfarclas, Tormore, Dalwhinnie)

Glenfarclas 105 (60%, OB 2018)

After the Aberlour A'bunadh more than doubled in price, the Glenfarclas 105 has become the undisputed leader in terms of bang-for-your-buck cask strength sherry bombs. Unlike the A'bunadh this one used to carry an age statement too, with earlier batches stating (quite discreetly at the back of the label for some reason) that they were … Continue reading Glenfarclas 105 (60%, OB 2018)

Glenfarclas 25 (43%, OB 2016)

Ah, Glenfarclas... The last bastion of sanity when it comes to whisky prices. If you happen to read this in the future when the Glenfarclas 25 costs more than your mortgage, it's worth noting that, at the time of writing, this is still (sometimes) available for just under £100, when its similarly aged competitors are … Continue reading Glenfarclas 25 (43%, OB 2016)