Glen Grant 12 (48%, OB 2019)

It’s fashionable these days to dunk on Glen Grant, especially since a certain disgraced whisky reviewer declared the 18 year-old the best Scotch whisky a few years ago. Ralfy, for example, only gave 72 points to the 15 year-old Batch Strength, which can only mean he really hated it as he rarely scores anything less than 80.

This isn’t the regular 12 at 43% ABV, but a non-chill filtered travel retail bottling 48%. I don’t know if it’s still around, but when I bought it three years ago it was an absolute bargain at Malaga airport, at around 45 euros for a litre bottle.

The tasting notes below are revolutionary because they were co-written by Freddy the black cat – I decided to keep his contribution since I’m unaware of other such collaborations in whisky blogs.

Nose: It’s a bit shy and spirity at first – needs a little bit of time and water. It’s mainly fruity, with the traditional Speyside apples and pears. Lemon tart. With water, light honey and vanilla emerge, and the fresh pears come to the forefront.

Palate: Sharp, tangy, nmmnhggtfrgjk——————————————————-zesty arrival, with some bitter grapefruit. Again, water is very much needed to coax out the sweetness and lose the rough edges. Sweet apples, almonds, grapefruit juice. This is refreshingly distillate-driven. The obligatory vanilla is there, but it never takes over from the fruity, honeyed main notes.

Finish: Medium, nutty.

Comments: A very sippable fruity Speysider – unreservedly recommended, if you can find it.

Score: 85/100

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