Tomintoul 25 (43%, OB 2020)

We continue the individual reviews of the Angus Dundee mystery dram tastings with the Tomintoul 25 year-old. This one was matured mostly in refill bourbon casks and is priced in the £200-250 range, which is quite expensive even for its age. I believe older versions used to be bottled at 40% ABV, but this has been bumped up to 43%.

(Sample provided by Angus Dundee.)

Nose: It’s fruity and quite fresh considering its 25 years in the cask. Ripe apples, pastries with jam, vanilla. Butterscotch.

Palate: It continues along the same lines as the palate, with baked goods, some wood spice and ripe fruit, but it falls away during the development. When I tasted it blind I thought it was 40% ABV – the thin texture does this a disservice because the main flavours are very enticing.

Finish: Quite short, drier than the nose and palate.

Comments: I normally don’t complain about whiskies at 43% ABV, but older whiskies do tend to be more fragile at lower strengths. There are quite a few older whiskies at 43% that don’t feel thin-textured – the Glenfarclas 21 and 25 spring to mind, as does the Glengoyne 21, albeit to a lesser extent. The Tomintoul 25 would’ve really benefited from a more natural presentation. As it is, I think I marginally prefer the 14 year-old from the core range.

Score: 80/100

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