Glengoyne Legacy Series Chapter One (48%, OB 2019)

Glengoyne’s Legacy Series will feature ongoing releases with the intention of paying hommage to the distillery’s past. Chapter One is a tribute to 19th century distillery manager Cochrane Cartwright, who first introduced sherry casks to Glengoyne. Unlike other expressions, there’s no official information on the cask make-up, but this features a good proportion of first fill sherry in the vatting.

Nose: Very fresh and fruity, with crisp red apples and pears complemented by honey and a creamy pastry note. Some spices in the background. Very enticing overall.

Palate: It’s quite young and vibrant, with some ‘green’ notes. Sharper and more spirity than on the nose, and it feels more ‘engineered’ too, with quite a lot of wood presence. Cinnamon rolls in the background restore balance and remind us that this is indeed Glengoyne.

Finish: Medium. Sweet and nutty, with a faint varnish note.

Comments: This doesn’t go all-out on first fill sherry, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. Some harsh notes hint at its young age (I’ve seen rumours that it’s mostly between 9 and 12 years old), but like most Glengoynes this is primarily fruity and sweet. Not sure about this whole ‘celebration of the early days’, tributes to the 19th century etc. (this doesn’t feel like old-school whisky by any stretch of the imagination), but it’s well put-together and very enjoyable.

Score: 84/100

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