Glengoyne 10 (40%, OB 2020)

We started the Glengoyne series with the entry-level 12 year-old, and before we continue to the higher range it’s time to try the even more entry-level 10. It has a similar cask composition to the 12, but a greater emphasis on refill wood, which makes up 70% of the vatting. The remaining 30% is shared equally between first fill American and European oak sherry casks. Like all Glengoynes, there is no caramel colouring and it’s the only one in the core range to be bottled at 40%.

Nose: Very evocative of late spring/early summer: fresh, floral, malty and honeyed. There are a lot of fresh orchard fruits accompanied by honeysuckle and toffee.

Palate: Good mouthfeel despite the low strength. Sweet cereal, green apples and honey again. Water brings out subtle nutty notes that were hiding under the surface. It’s not the most adventurous flavour profile but it’s very balanced and there’s nothing out of place.

Finish: Short, malty, slightly grassy.

Comments: Like the 12 year-old, the Glengoyne 10 is an easy and pleasant daily sipper. It does lack the 12’s greater complexity and depth, but it remains a solid dram and a notch above most other young whiskies that are bottled at 40%.

Score: 83/100

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