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Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 7 (59.9%, OB 2020)

The Glengoyne Teapot Dram is a 'tribute to the daily dram that the Glengoyne workers enjoyed three times each day from copper teapots in the distillery canteen'. It's already a much-loved ongoing batch release - batch 7 is quickly selling out but is still available at the distillery shop and a few other places. As … Continue reading Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 7 (59.9%, OB 2020)

Aultmore 12 (46%, OB 2019)

Aultmore seems to be the most discreet out of Dewar's portfolio of malts. Craigellachie has a more divisive love-it-or-hate-it profile, Aberfeldy is the designated home of the Dewar's blend, and Royal Brackla is the most premiumised of their brands, which leaves Aultmore without any distinguishing characteristics marketing-wise. Like Craigellachie, Aultmore is bottled at 46% with … Continue reading Aultmore 12 (46%, OB 2019)

Glengoyne 21 (43%, OB 2019)

And so we reach the pinnacle of the Glengoyne core range. Well, close enough in any case - my budget doesn't extend to the 25 year-old unfortunately, but this 21 year-old remains just about affordable. Like its older sibling, it's matured exclusively in sherry casks, predominantly first-fill European oak. For what it's worth, I would … Continue reading Glengoyne 21 (43%, OB 2019)

Glengoyne 18 (43%, OB 2020)

The higher up we go in Glengoyne's age statements, the more sherry casks are used in the vatting. The proportion of first fill sherry in the 18 year-old is 50%, with 35% coming from European oak and 15% from American. The remaining 50% is from refill casks, without information about their previous contents. Nose: Oranges … Continue reading Glengoyne 18 (43%, OB 2020)

Glengoyne 12 (43%, OB 2018)

Time for a series of Glengoyne reviews, and what better place to start than the 12 year-old? Glengoyne is one of my favourite distilleries, both because the whisky is delicious and because it's a great place to visit. Yes, it's a bit touristy (especially given its proximity to Glasgow), but there's always a warm welcome, … Continue reading Glengoyne 12 (43%, OB 2018)

A Fine Christmas Malt (54.2%, The Whisky Exchange 2019)

The Whisky Exchange's Christmas malt is now a tradition, and last year saw the release of a 10 year-old Speyside whisky. The label doesn't say, but it comes from Linkwood. Its reception wasn't quite as enthusiastic as it could've been - the fact that its predecessor in 2018 was a 17 year-old Glenfarclas may have … Continue reading A Fine Christmas Malt (54.2%, The Whisky Exchange 2019)

Sirius 31 (43.1%, North Star Spirits 2020)

North Star Spirits are quickly becoming one of my favourite independent bottlers. From naming blends after stars to identifying undisclosed distilleries via co-ordinates on the labels, they certainly do things their own way. This release follows hot on the heels of the Vega series - a set of sherried Speyside blended malts that ranged from … Continue reading Sirius 31 (43.1%, North Star Spirits 2020)

Edradour 10 2004 (cask 400) Straight From the Cask (60.7%, OB 2014)

A 10 year-old single cask Edradour from a sherry butt bottled at a mighty 60.7% ABV - I don't think I need to say more. Except I will, because if the introduction doesn't exceed 55 words the formatting gets weird. It took me a while to get into Edradour, mainly because I was never particularly … Continue reading Edradour 10 2004 (cask 400) Straight From the Cask (60.7%, OB 2014)

Nikka From the Barrel (51.4%, OB 2019)

Now that Japanese whisky is 'the best whisky in the world', all of a sudden even entry-level malts like the Yamazaki 12 are considered premium expressions. Good quality blends are equally hard to find at decent prices, but Nikka from the Barrel is a welcome exception to this rule. I always found the name a … Continue reading Nikka From the Barrel (51.4%, OB 2019)

Kavalan Bourbon Oak (46%, OB 2020)

I'm starting to believe that Kavalan is one of the most versatile distilleries out there. Its spirit seems to have chameleon-like tendencies and is equally at home in anything from traditional bourbon oak maturation to the most intense sherry and other fortified wine casks, to virgin oak. This particular bottle is the same kind of … Continue reading Kavalan Bourbon Oak (46%, OB 2020)